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The Founder

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Mr Punit Agarwal

Founder of Dr.+WorldWide

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Our Purpose

Our approach creates value not only for our business, but also for people and families, for our communities and for the planet. We have long-term, science-based sustainability targets firmly in our sights. We pioneer products and services which are good for business and effect actual environmental change for a sustainable future.

Our services

Dr+ WorldWide is a health science self-discipline in which Pharmacists provide affected person care that optimizes medication remedy and promotes health, wellness, and disease prevention. To achieve desired therapeutic goals, the scientific pharmacist applies evidence based therapeutic tips, evolving sciences, emerging applied sciences, and related authorized, ethical, social, cultural, financial, and skilled Principles. In overseas nations it was well stabilized and well promoted by the health care communities. Promoting Proper awareness about the clinical Pharmacy services is required}. In future we hope that these services will promote the higher affected person care in India.

Our Management Services

As you may already know, that Pharmacy enterprise models now differs significantly throughout several fragments which is why we customize our choices to fulfill the various necessities of our clients. Moreover, our aim is to inform and provide appropriate pharmacy software system info to those who are in the market for new pharmacy management software or looking to enhance their current system. Thus, managing pharmacy business is not difficult with a computerized system like medicines expiry dates, dealing with prescribed drugs and calculate costs accurately. Pharmacies are additionally getting comfort and convenience to ship medicines at orders and satisfy customer needs with one of the best services.

Our Certifications

We are certified from WHO.

Our Team

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